Midlife courage


Are you wanting to get more of a work/play balance into your life? If so, this winter retreat could be what you are looking for. There is so much power in the pause. You can begin to slow down and focus on what is true for you right now. Sharleen is a qualified Life Coach who has worked in the wellness industry for many years. As a midlife woman it was time for Sharleen to focus her nurturing energy on herself. She went from Midlife Crisis to Midlife Courage. Her main passion now is working with groups of women. “It amazes me how when women finally get away - from emails, phone calls, meal making, endless errands and lists - there is a lightness of being, some joie de vivre, a blossoming.”

Drawing on my coaching experience with fabulous midlife women like yourself, I’ve tailored this  weekend especially for you. There’ll be lots of talking: some of it by me, some of it by you – and lots of it together. You’ll find out how to fully be aware of all that you’ve learned up to now in life, and all that is still waiting for you to create and experience.

When woman gather, there is love, camaraderie, lots of storytelling and yes, big, glorious belly laughs.  If this sounds like your kind of weekend and you are ready to invest in an exclusive retreat at Warkworth’s best-kept secret, then sign up now!