Moa Tap Takeover


It’s no secret that many of the major beer, wine and spirits distributors control the beverage brands that hotels, bars and nightclubs can stock and sell. Capture 2

They can do this by providing low interest loans to struggling establishments, or by providing large, branded street signage and big discounts on their brands under the agreement they will exclusively stock mainstream brands handled by that distributor.

While these practices may not be illegal, it could be debated as to how fair they may be to craft breweries, small boutique spirit distilleries and wineries. Or is it just business?

Whichever way you look at it, the times, they are a-changing. Small bars and restaurants are beginning to start a trend of going freehold, meaning that no major distributors can dictate which brands they stock and sell.

The ever-classy crew at The Vintry Matakana is one such freehold establishment. And in April they teamed up with craft beer Kiwi legends MOA Brewing Co to host the MOA Tap Takeover.

Capture 3

MOA beer didn’t trust just anyone to handle this particular tap takeover, so MOA founder Josh Scott himself was on hand to give the benefit of his in-depth knowledge of each of MOA’s very distinct beers. Son of legendary Marlborough wine maker Allan Scott, Josh is himself a world-renowned winemaker. He also makes bloody good beer. Josh is particularly passionate and protective of the NZ craft beer industry. On the night he finished the first brew he made for MOA he met the woman who would become his wife and the mother of his three children. The Kiwi brewer also once received a letter from a French lawyer demanding he stopped using the term Methode Pilsner on MOA’s beer. Josh sent a reply written on a picture of the Rainbow Warrior with advice containing a certain four-letter word starting with F written on it.

Craft beer has become an international juggernaut but it’s only a select few that have international brand recognition. The rest stay locally owned, produced and marketed at local freehold establishments like The Vintry who are more than happy to offer high-quality, hard-won beer.