Omaha Bound


Just when you thought everything was sorted for your big day, family and friends start calling to ask where they should stay. As if you didn’t have enough to organise! Well have no fear because ‘Swannie’ is here. Nicola ‘Swannie’ Hooper is the superwoman of the holiday home letting business at Omaha Beach, and has been gliding in to save the day since the business took off in 2013.

“It was an idea we had whilst having dinner with our neighbours, but rather than letting it fade away we kick started Omaha Holiday Houses,” Nicola says.

As residents of Omaha themselves, the O.H.H team, realised the importance of caring for premium coastal property. Word-of-mouth has seen them rise from a few friends’ houses to almost 50 properties. Nicola is quick to make it clear that wedding guests are welcome, but wedding ‘parties’ are not. She is responsible for millions of dollars worth of properties.

Prices start at $500 per night, and go up to $1100 during peak season. Most guests are very happy with their accommodation and most homes house two families, which halves the cost, but Nicola does get the occasional, ‘odd’ phone call. She’s had to deliver a parmesan cheese grater to Auckland and replace toilet paper because it was ‘too flimsy.’

The mother of two takes it all in her stride. Last summer she employed a water tanker driver around the clock, to keep the guests hydrated and happy. Most of the homes are architecturally designed and Omaha has one of the best beaches in the country. Nicola meets all the rental tenants, including some ‘very famous faces’. But discretion prevents her from telling us more. The company slogan ‘Don’t let Sunday ruin your Monday', encourages guests to stay for an extra night, which at beautiful Omaha is something you just have to do.