Puhoi Axemen 2017


The Puhoi Axemen have been going since 1962, but some members have been around for longer than that. The second Saturday in January has also become a Puhoi fixture – competitive wood-chopping on the lawn in front of the historic Puhoi Pub is a spectacle that everyone has to see at least once.There’ll be around 45 men, women, and boys competing this year, mostly from the North Island. Notably, there’ll be three generations of axemen from up north – a grandfather, father and son. Ron and Cleveland Cherry from Putaruru (another father and son team) are ones to watch, with Cleveland hoping to make the NZ U21 national team. The grandson of legendary axe-maker Eddie Fawcett will be in Puhoi this year too – Quentin Fawcett will be giving his all in his grandfather’s name, using a beautiful Tuatahi axe. Crowd-pleasing events include the underhand chop (standing on the block of wood as they chop), the tree event with jiggerboards (chopping cuts or ‘scarfs’ in which to insert the end of a board and using it to climb the post), axe-throwing and most exciting of all, team racing. Puhoi Axemen’s team of six will compete against other teams in a handicapped relay race to the finish that gets faster and faster as the crowd goes wild... a truly great way to spend a summer afternoon.

FB: Puhoi Axemans Club | Puhoi Pub, January 14, 2017