Recipe: Salmon Smørrebrød


Matakana Smokehouse is a family run business that loves to celebrate the great seafood and produce New Zealand has to offer. Smørrebrød, Scandinavian open-style sandwiches, can be made larger for a lunch dish or in smaller, canapé style. It’s all about being creative with ingredients and the more decorative the better! We love to use pickled veggies and sometimes add a poached egg for a delicious breakfast. These are also a great way to get the kids involved with too (maybe adults do all the slicing though).

We have used our own Cold and Hot Smoked Salmon and our popular Kaffir and Beetroot Gravlax, as well as our favourite Whangaripo Buffalo Fresca Cheese. Smørrebrød (Open Style Sandwich)

Ingredients Smoked Salmon - Any variety. Bread – Whatever you prefer. Traditionally, the darker and denser the better. Rye is our go-to. You could also use rounds of cucumber or crackers. Raw Vegetables – Go for colour and texture. Radish, Zucchini, Cucumber, Avocado, Red Onion. Slice thinly or julienne.

Quick Pea Mash 2C of frozen peas 1 garlic clove Juice from 1/2 lemon Olive oil

Sauté peas and extras until just cooked. Blitz in food processor to a smooth consistency. Horseradish Creme Fraiche – 1C Creme Fraiche 1T Horseradish cream Stir well (if you prefer more spice add more Horseradish cream) Garnish - Fennel Flowers, Chives, Spring Onions, Micro Greens.

Prepare all ingredients first, place in separate bowls for easy assembly. Slice bread to desired thickness. Toast if you prefer. Now it's time to assemble! Here are our three suggestions.

Cold Smoked Smørrebrød - Slice of rye bread; Buffalo Fresca generously spread, slices of avocado, approx 2 slices of Cold Smoked Salmon and garnish with chives. Beetroot Gravlax Smørrebrød- Slice of sourdough, Horseradish Creme Fraiche, approx 2 slices of Beetroot Gravlax. Garnish with fennel flowers and fronds. Hot Smoked Salmon Smørrebrød - Slice of Baguette, dollop of pea mash spread, zucchini and some salmon chunks on top. Spring onion to garnish. 726 Matakana Road, Matakana