Sweet & Sensational



  • Why chocolate?

I have childhood memories of stealing chocolate bonbons from my grandmother’s pantry in France, and by chocolates I mean beautiful chocolates made by artisan chocolatiers. Probably too good for a young kid but that’s how I got hooked!

  • How did you get started?

I have dreamt of owning my own business for a long time and I made it happen by fitting out our garage with a commercial kitchen and experimenting with different recipes to come up with something  different.

  • Most unusual chocolate experience?

When I was working in the UK I got the chance to try a blue cheese and dark chocolate truffle. It sounded equally strange and amazing, combining 2 of my favourite things, but it did work. It’s worth trying sometime even if you just put a square of chocolate in your mouth with a piece of cheese. Be open minded!

  • Favourite chocolate creation?

Just before Christmas we launched some new flavours, and my favourite is the Manuka Honey and Pear bonbon. I had a lot of fun coming up with the bumble bee design for it too.

  • Best way to eat chocolate?

Room temperature is key. Never out of the fridge as this compromises the flavour. Take time to let the chocolate melt on your tongue and for the flavour to develop. Good quality chocolate has great staying power, so you should still feel the aromas for some time after you’ve eaten it.

  • Local sweet spot? (ie. favourite place or happy place)

Tawharanui Regional Park. Amazing walks, a stunning beach and important conservation work. Feel very lucky to have this place on our doorstep.

Contact details: hello@honestchocolat.com ; www.honestchocolat.com ; Instagram and Facebook @honestchocolat ; 021 422971




Why chocolate?

I just love the taste, scent and feel of chocolate. And the versatility and health benefits of cocoa are legendary – it’s a super food!

How did you get started?

I started in a kitchen and worked from the bottom up. It was the classic journey – first becoming a chef, then pastry chef, then chocolatier. I collected experiences at every stage and with diverse chocolatiers in Switzerland. I fell in love with my medium more and more. When I got to New Zealand, I developed some new products and started to sell them at farmer’s markets – the rest is history.

Most unusual chocolate experience?

Having a full-body chocolate bath – sooo beautiful... it smells and feels fabulous, way too good to wash off!

Favourite chocolate creation?

One of my long-term favorites is the orange and cardamom chocolate. I love to tinker around and create new treats, so my favorite changes quite often.

Best way to eat chocolate?

Like cheese: bring the chocolate to room temperature and enjoy it with a good glass of wine.

Local sweet spot? (ie. favourite place or happy place)

A sunny spot in the Parsley Pot Café garden.

www.swissbliss.nz  |  T: 021 501 387 (Edith)  |  T: 09 420 3387  | E:  edith@swissbliss.nz



Chocolate Brown

Why chocolate? 

  • Des and I were looking for a business that would keep us challenged after the corporate world.  We wanted a business that provided a unique point of difference.  Chocolate Brown chocolates are hand-made, artisan, made with fresh local products – we knew that this was for us.
  • How did you get started?

We were looking for a business that had an existing base, but also future potential. We were entranced with Chocolate Brown’s history, and also saw the potential to develop new chocolates, new flavours and grow new sectors in the market.

  • Most unusual chocolate experience?

Chocolate tasting with 1000 Chinese at Matakana in 2017?   I learnt 7 words in Mandarin to describe our small sample of chocolates – the queues were immense!

  • Favourite chocolate creation?

Our new NZ fruit flavours – strawberry champagne, mango/lime, blueberry, kiwfruit and feijoa.

  • Best way to eat chocolate? 

Is there only one way?  With a cup of tea at night, feet up: My happy place.

  • Local sweet spot? (ie. favourite place or happy place)

Chocolate Brown café would be the best sweet spot café- gotta love the green eggs! – or Sullivans Bay for a lovely walk on the beach, no matter what the weather.

Chocolate Brown

6 Mill Lane, Warkworth

Ph:  09 4222 677