Life is good when work and play are indistinguishable from each other, and Geert Keyaerts has found that zone. Geert is the Caddie Consultant – he gets decision-makers out of the office and onto the golf course where they can knock ideas around in a caddie-player relationship. His motto is ‘Every decision maker deserves a caddie’ and this one comes with over 20 years of experience in management and strategic marketing.Geert has been training as a caddie at the exclusive Tara Iti golf club in Mangawhai, and he quickly recognised parallels between offering advice on the fairways and his business consultancy work. “It can be hard for decision-makers to find honest, unbiased, direct advice. That’s where I can help,” Geert explains. “We get out into a beautiful environment, and they can relax a bit. We bat ideas back and forth while I carry the bag and offer strategic advice, mixed with a bit of golf advice – it’s a win for everyone.” Geert usually starts the relationship at a driving range where he assesses a client’s stroke and the scope of business advice they require. He then does any necessary research work before meeting the client on the golf course to walk, talk and smack a ball around nine holes – or 18 if there’s a lot to talk about. “It is unusual but it’s also very refreshing for these people in senior positions,” says Geert. “I have a number of clients already and I still haven’t done my official launch yet, so I’m confident there’s a market there.” I can testify to what a pleasant experience it is knocking around golf balls and ideas with Geert. But it’s not about the golf, it’s about having a caddie who is there for you when you need to make those important decisions.