When we last visited botanical stylist Annie Oxborough, she had settled in to a new barn home just outside Warkworth. Well – she’s on the move again, this time to the middle of Matakana. Very soon, she and her partner will be taking over a beautiful old villa on ten acres, right opposite the Stables. “I’m ridiculously excited!” Annie says with characteristic enthusiasm. She’s landed a contract with the Stables to be their official in-house stylist and provider of floral deliciousness. She’s over the moon about it. “I’ll literally be able to trot over the road with armfuls of flowers and gorgeous wedding-y stuff. Too easy!”

Meanwhile she’d love to find a buyer for her current house in Viv Davie-Martin Drive, Warkworth. She has a soft spot for it and would like it to go to someone who’ll appreciate it. “This place is perfect for someone like me who needs a separate studio and peace and quiet to create,” she says. “There’s a huge man-cave garage for the bloke in your life, too. It’s five minutes out of town but you can’t hear anything but the birds. There’s a nashi pear hedge, feijoas and a communal persimmon orchard – hello! And it’s a cool community out here.”

The property is on a full hectare. The sunny and stylish black barn they’ve been living in has three bedrooms, but they’ve had architect’s plans drawn up to build a stunning home at the top of the hill, with views across Warkworth and Dome Valley. These will be an option for the buyer.

Junction wishes Annie the best of luck both in her new home, and new role at the Stables. If you’re interested in having a look at her impossibly groovy house for sale, give either Hannah Anderson or Kellie Bissett a call at Bayleys.

Hannah Anderson T: 021 865 635  Kellie Bissett 027 530 6843