The Top Gun of Drones


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Marc Herbulot / Director – Photographer

Snells Beach resident Marc Herbulot is a photographer who’s seeing a lot of growth in his business: drone photography for real estate.  For homeowners, a fantastic aerial shot is a key weapon in the sales strategy; it’s a treasured shot too – marking memories of a loved home.  However, the public can be negative, talking about safety fears and privacy invasion.  So Marc took a pro-active approach, cloaking his business in accountability and professionalism. Unlike most drone operators who fly under a Part 101 Civil Aviation course, Marc took a leap further, achieving Part 102 - the only photographer in the greater area with this hallmark. Blood sweat and tears, he reckons! But Part 102 gives him commercial capability. He can now fly above 400 feet, has extra rights around permission to fly, and a full suite of insurance. All added strengths to Marc’s service, but for him the key benefit is safety, “A drone is an aircraft – things can go wrong, skill is involved. Having this certification makes me accountable to the CAA. I’m required to fill out forms, file sketches of my flight plan – basically be as buttoned-up safety-wise as I possibly can, whilst still capturing a creative shot. In time people may relax with privacy issues and appreciate the amazing scope of drones. I’m excited to be leading the way!”

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