Ti for two



The Ti Point trail is one of my favourite short walks. It’s like going out into Omaha Bay in a boat – you get unique perspectives on Omaha Beach, Takatu Peninsula and Tawharanui. Even arriving at the Ti Point wharf is beautiful with all the boats quietly swinging on their moorings.

I had tui and fantails chatting in my left ear, and the sea gurgling and swooshing around the boulders in my right ear. The groves of old pohutukawa, with their gnarled arms reaching out towards the ocean, are a real feature of this walk. There are also gorgeous enclaves of nikau and varied coastal native plants.

There are delightful picnic spots along the way, and great snorkeling and fishing. I would urge you to take the time to dawdle and savour each view as the trail bends slowly towards the outer Gulf. The path is rough in places so good shoes are advisable but this is a great outing for kids, so pack a picnic and your togs, and soak up this exquisite walking experience. Duration is 1 hour 20 minutes return.