Traveling this summer?


Long car trips are really hard for little people who are programmed to move.Being strapped down is like torture, so think about getting prepared.

Audio books are fantastic, think about one the whole family can listen to together – it's much more social and shared experiences make memories. Maps are fun showing the trip and marked off stopping points, but have a few games in mind to pass the time:

• “Mrs Brown went to town and she bought…” each person takes a turn to add an item to the list, so it becomes a memory game. You have to remember what everyone else said in order and add an item.

• The alphabet game can be played with one child or a group – find the letters in order from sign posts and registration plates.

• Tell a story, a few lines at a time, and then the next person adds a line and so it goes on. This can be hilarious – try making it as random as possible.

• “I spy with my little eye something that starts with…”. Narrow the search to inside the car, and for younger children, use colours. “I spy with my little eye, something… blue!”

• "I went around the world and I bought a…" here a person who is ‘it’ thinks of a theme – perhaps food, colours, things from a certain continent, something that starts with an 'a', then 'b'…. For example for things that are green: "I went around the world and I bought some parsley". Everyone else follows, saying what they bought around the world; they get a no or a yes if it fits with the theme. This continues until everyone playing has figured out the theme.

• Counting something, like Christmas trees, or yellow cars, this can be two children looking our different sides of the cars, or done as a family.

• “Can you count to 100?” may give you a little peace with a younger child!

• When all else fails or you need some cooling off, there is always the silence game – “starting from… now!”

Words by Tia Wooller

Totara Hill Montessori Preschool