Use Your Noggin!


  Ten years ago, Janis Grummitt had a lemon-sized tumour removed from the frontal lobe area of her brain.

The good news was that it was benign, the bad news was that it left her with a damaged brain. And to cap it off, during recovery she battled with major setbacks; infection, deep vein thrombosis and a massive reaction to antibiotics.

People told her to accept that she’d never be the same again. Janis balked. She threw herself into researching what she could do to rebuild her grey matter and, in the process, found not only her mind but her calling as a rewiring mentor.


“The brain is notoriously lazy,” says the dynamic Matakana resident. “The grey cells are happy to marinate in old habits and patterns. Everything you do, say, think and feel is programmed into the fabric of the brain. Negative thoughts and emotions produce harmful chemicals that ‘rust’ the mind, positive experiences and self-talk create good chemicals. So, every time an ingrained bad habit and thought crops up, take charge, change the record.”

Janis knows firsthand that it’s never too late to rewire the upper story, regardless of age. “As we age we become a caricature of ourselves, our brains become hardwired. To avoid this, cross training and change is the key,” she advises.

For sharpening the cognitive abilities, the self-proclaimed Wiring Warrior shares some practical tips: “Do crossword puzzles, brain games like Sudoku and Lumosity, make music, learn a language. Laughing releases a tsunami of good chemicals.

“To develop mind-body coordination, try balancing on one leg while brushing your teeth, take up table tennis, yoga or dance lessons. This secret is in the mix of physical, emotional and cognitive change – a single activity is not enough.”

Social connections are also vital for a healthy heart and brain; so are sleep and physical exercise, a healthy diet and, most importantly, a reason for being.

To help build a stronger brain, Janis Grummitt offers workshops, seminars, a monthly newsletter and one-on-one sessions. Seems a no-brainer really.

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