Viet Q Food Truck


VQ Phuong and James Graham are a familiar sight at the Matakana markets Vietnamese stall on a Saturday morning. They should be – they've been doing it for about ten years. The couple met when Phuong was utilising her food science degree at a Marlborough winery where James was working (he now consults for Babich Wines, Takatu and Runner Duck). They have two boys aged nine and six.

Their whopping great commercial-kitchen-in-a-truck can be seen occasionally at various local events but on Fridays from 11am-8pm it's firmly parked in the Grahams' driveway. Happy locals hang out on beanbags eating takeouts, or zip in to pick up their texted orders.

James says, "Phuong gets a huge amount of pleasure from people enjoying her food – and from doing it properly. We grow most of our own Vietnamese herbs and greens – fish mint and perilla can be hard to source." Phuong smiles her wide smile. "Yep – all my food is totally authentic – the recipes come from my mum. No shortcuts here!"

This summer they plan to do a few short trips in the truck to Omaha or Martin's Bay campground, but mostly they'll be right here in Matakana. Their philosophy: "Keep it simple, keep it local!"

Viet Q Foods  |  969 Matakana Rd  |  021 0614 100