Wagons - Leigh Sawmill Cafe


Wagons & Toogood Pics Sweaty, hairy and ooh-so-magnetic – that’s the hard working lads of Wagons.

Those lucky enough to make it out to Leigh Sawmill to see them were left spellbound and hanging on every carefully crafted lyric, note and beat blasted out by the Aussie rockers.

A fusion of alt country rock and roll with a hint of southern blues, the guys have crafted a sound unlike anything else. That said, you can definitely hear influences of great live musicians like Nick Cave, Elvis and Tex Perkins.

Henry Wagons, the bands front man, whipped the crowd up into a frenzy like some kind of acid fuelled Evangelical preacher in minutes. He left us unable to abandon the journey of the performance until the last song rang out.

Definitely not some mass-produced bubblegum pop group that rely on repetitive earworms and over-the-top technical stage productions, Wagons are a real live band for real music fans.

If you missed them, the next time Wagons are in town I recommend taking the time to see them live and renew your faith in good old fashioned alt country rock and roll.

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