Winter Wellness


  Here at Junction we’re looking forward to crisp autumn days, fires, getting out our favourite boots and coats and rugging up. But of course there are the inevitable not-so-great things about winter’s arrival. So in this issue we’ve put together a few tips and tricks to help you avoid a stodgy hibernation and get the best out of yourself over the cooler months. We begin with some words of wisdom from Leigh herbal and nutrition guru, Kate McConnell.


Act quickly at the first signs of feeling unwell.  Have medicines on hand, such as Mediherb Andrographis complex or Kiwiherb Echinacea, and beat the bugs before they take hold.  Relish the antibacterial action of raw garlic.

Get an immune boost from your garden: root veggies and dark leafy greens pull minerals from the earth – but do remember to supplement your zinc and selenium.

Winter foods bring warmth, dispelling cold and damp from the body. Slow-cooked casseroles and broths retain nutrients and flavour and are easy to digest.  Shitake mushrooms are a great immune stimulant.

Good digestion is the key to your immunity. Eat fermented foods to provide good gut probiotics. Add warming spices – cinnamon and ginger.

Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to warm water before meals to improve assimilation of minerals and assist arthritic conditions. Drink warm infusions of thyme, lemon, and grated ginger with added active manuka honey.

Lap up the sunshine! Walk at lunch-time to get your daily Vitamin D. Keep your joints flexible with yoga and gentle exercise. And take time to meditate; balance your body, spirit, mind and your immune system!